Marriage Conferences 

"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine"--Song of Solomon 6:3

Dee and Carlton live by a motto for their life together:  "the best is yet to be!"

They love to share God's Word together and enjoy tag-team teaching on subjects from the Word of God.

The Baxter's have a devoted ministry in conducting marriage seminars.  Dee say's "When I look at the enemy's attack on marriage today, my heart breaks".  Sometimes, the situation can seem hopeless, apart from the Lord's intervention.  However, many have been blessed by these seminars, as there have been multitudes of marriages restored and healed.  In these seminars, Carlton teaches on the true meaning of Covenant and the importance of blessings.  Carlton also draws wisdom and teaching from the Song of Solomon.  Dee teaches on the Trinity of Love from a Hebraic perspective.  She also teaches on the Laws of Warfare for marriages based on Biblical principles.

Carlton and Dee have numerous marriage CDs on these topics.  Also for any marriage conference coming up check our event schedule, or contact us directly.

One of their Marriage Conferences at Living Waters, NC.
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